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    Auntie El on Men

    While chatting on the phone…

    Auntie El: Men don’t change. They act like they’ve changed to get some booty. But then they go right back to the way they were.

    men don't change!


    Auntie El



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    Mom on Relying on Men

    While talking and driving…

    Mom: Don’t discount the fact that you’ll be making your own money.

    you will make your own money

    don't rely on him



    words to live by


    mom knows best

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    Psychic on Relationships

    While telling Cath about the future of her relationship…

    Psychic: I’ll put it like this— The more time you spend with him, the more distance you put between you and the person you’re supposed to be with. Like if you know it’s not going to work, why keep it going?




    words to live by

    when you spend time with the wrong person you're not spending time with the right person

    don't keep it going if it aint supposed to keep going

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    This is how you grow. This is how you really travel.

    This is how you grow. This is how you really travel.

    words to live by

    words of life


    growing up

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    Antoinette on Break Ups

    While talking…

    Antoinette: I miss that tall, awkwardly-nosed, depressed and drug addicted idiot I used to call my boo!

    You love someone with their faults

    breaking up is hard



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    Cath on Releasing Anger

    While sitting in the back yard, eating…

    Cath: So I didn’t get squad leader in band— Denis did, and I was like, “FUCK YOU, DENIS!” That felt great! Whenever we’re pissed we should just yell, “Fuck you, Denis!”

    Me: FUCK YOU, DENIS! That does feel good.

    Cath: FUCK YOU, DENIS!

    *This repeated for a few minutes*

    Fuck you Denis

    sometimes you just need to yell a good old fashion FUCK YOU to feel better

    yelling obscenities will make you feel better

    release the anger




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    My Therapist on Relationships

    While talking about my relationship…

    Me: Some times I just don’t know. Like, am I with him because I love him, or because it’s comfortable?

    My Therapist: Well, maybe that’s OK. Make a list of what’s important in a relationship— and if you two have those things, then you’re OK. And if just being comfortable is on that important list, that’s OK too.

    Figure out what's important to you in a relationship and see if you have it

    being comfortable is OK


    ...in relationships

    my therapist