1. 2 months ago

    Mom on Relying on Men

    While talking and driving…

    Mom: Don’t discount the fact that you’ll be making your own money.

    you will make your own money

    don't rely on him



    words to live by


    mom knows best

  2. 6 months ago

    Alexa on Capitalism

    While talking about how to get a new business funded…

    Me: So you make a presentation to investors- about your company or product- and see if they want to put money toward it.

    Alexa (sounding disgusted): Isn’t that basically just pan handling?

    Me: Man, I don’t have time to explain the fundamentals of capitalism to you, Lex!

    according to alexa- getting investors is just like pan handling

    asking for money the same thing no matter how you ask




  3. 1 year ago

    Victoria on Men

    While shopping at the dollar store….

    Victoria: There’s only one reason you give a man money. Because he’s doing it with you.

    there's only one reason you give a man money

    don't give money to just anyone

    if he's not doing it with you then don't give him money







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    1 year ago

    Khadijah on Engagement Rings

    While waiting to be seated at dinner, and talking about how her good guy friend got engaged to a girl she doesn’t like…

    Khadijah: I like her ring; it’s a ruby. But what annoyed me so bad was that she said, “It’s not a diamond and I love that! Craig and I have issues with diamonds.” It’s like you don’t have “issues" with diamonds. You can’t afford a diamond— that’s your issue with diamonds!

    Don't hate on diamonds

    be honest about what you think!



    engagement rings


  5. 1 year ago

    Victoria on Money

    While taking a study break and talking to Victoria…

    Victoria: Guess what?

    Me: What?

    Victoria: A man gave me a hundred dollar bill while I was waitin for the bus! And did I know him? NO!

    Me: Oh my God! That is so great! You are such a good person, Victoria, you really deserve it.

    Victoria: Did you hear me? A HUNDRED DOLLAR BILL! Ain’t nobody that good!

    Me: Sure, you are. So what are you going to do with the money?

    Victoria: Spend it.

    victoria is such a good person that people just give her 100 dollar bills

    there are good people in the world

    karma will come and find you!



  6. notes

    1 year ago

    Antoinette on Grad School

    While driving to the El station and talking about relationships…

    Me: Jimmy and I will bicker, over small stuff obviously. He’s just a little pretentious some times, that’s all. I mean, he comes from a family where grad school is required.

    Antoinette: Seriously? Wow, my family is the exact opposite. When I told them I wanted to go to grad school they were like “Grad school?! Why don’t you just keep yourself warm and burn that money! Maybe you could sautee it and eat it! Why the hell would you ever go to graduate school!”

    grad school might be a mistake

    don't waste money!





    your family really shapes who you are

  7. 2 years ago

    Xie on the Role of a Boyfriend

    While eating lunch…

    Xie: Where is my purse?

    Me: Oh no, did you leave it some where? I haven’t seen it.

    Xie: No, I mean my purse.

    Me: OK, where did you have it last…oohh, wait…you mean your boyfriend.

    Xie: Exactly.

    boyfriends are like purses-- they pay for everything






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    2 years ago

    Mom on Money

    While getting dressed…

    Me: Oh my God, there was a quarter stuck to my ass!

    Mom: Oh, good— give it to me. I need it.

    Get money any way you can

    Money is money-- no matter where it's been.




  9. notes

    3 years ago

    Mom on Money

    While running out the door…

    Mom: What? I’m late for work; I have to go.

    Me: I’m just pissed because every day I find a new spider in my apartment. No, it’s more like every time I turn around there’s another spider.

    Mom: Well, look at the bright side— you’ll spend less money on cat food. It’s a good thing.



    save money by allowing pet to eat bugs